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How To Apply - Red Carpet Manicure

How To Apply

Achieving a long-lasting, high shine manicure or pedicure at home has never been easier.

Red Carpet Manicure is simple to apply in three easy steps and dries instantly, so you can get on with your day. Then, when you are ready for a colour change, Red Carpet Manicure can be removed quickly and cleanly, with no damage to the natural nail.

Watch our step-by-step video for guidance, read our application and removal instructions online or download the step-by-step guide for your kit.

Download our step by step application and removal, using the Portable Light

Download our step by step application and removal, using the Professional LED Light. 

Click here to view our Color Dip step by step. 




Red carpet manicure

Red Carpet Manicure is the worlds’ first at home gel manicure kit. Transforming the popular professional gel manicure; a treatment previously exclusive to salons and spas, into an easy, affordable and high quality at home system! Just like a nail polish, you paint Red Carpet Manicure onto nails with a brush and like a gel, each layer is cured under an LED lamp in as little as 30 seconds. The result is a high-shine long-lasting manicure that is instantly dry.

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