The Color Dip powder will revolutionise your manicure allowing for perfect application every time regardless of your skill level. Just follow the simple steps below and get creative with the vibrant colours or pure glitters that can last up to 21 days!                                                        

Prep the nails by shaping and making sure to push cuticles back, wipe the nails clean using PURIFY.


Apply a thin layer of the Color Dip BASE COAT and dip your nail into the Color Dip powder at a 45° angle. Be sure to hold your finger still to avoid lumps forming and tap off any excess for an even finish.


Activate by applying the ACTIVATOR to all nails, once dry you apply a layer of the Color Dip Base Coat.


Shape the nails using the RCM GROOM BUFFER and wipe the nails.


Reactivate using the Activator and wait 20 seconds before removing any excess with a dry wipe.


Now apply your Colour Dip TOP COAT we recommend applying two thin coats, your nails can then be left to air dry.


You can follow our Color Dip step by step application tutorial video here on our website.

Top Tips!

  • Preparation is key, and not just of your nails, so make sure you have everything you need ready and within reach!
  • To avoid products drying out make sure all lids are replaced and firmly tightened.
  • When finished, be sure to wipe brushes clean to avoid lumps solidifying into the bristles.
  • Timing is everything! The quicker you dip the better the application of powder.
  • To increase colour intensity, apply a third coat.
  • A If using a dark or neon colour a sheer or white base powder should be used.
  • In order to maintain healthy nails always remove your Color Dip manicure properly, this will help with the strength and growth of your natural nails.


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