Colour Dip is the newest innovation of at-home manicures and we have been loving your creations on Instagram!

  • Be sure to fully prep your nails before application to enhance the longevity of your manicure.
  • Use Natural Sheer Color Dip as a first coat under bright colors to prevent staining on your nail and make the colour pop.
  • For best results, avoid twisting, swirling and stirring nails while dipping into the RCM colour jar, as it can cause product lumping.
  • Is your color dip brush hardening? After every application, use Brush Softener to keep your brush supple.
  • It is all about angles when applying Color Dip. For a smooth finish, be sure to dip your nails into the jar at a 45 degree angle.
  • Apply a third coat for a more vivid and intense colour.
  • If base or top coat gets on skin/cuticles, you can simply use an orange wood stick to remove before dipping.
  • Apply a thin base coat to nail for a smooth application.
  • Timing is key! The quicker you dip the better the application of powder.
  • Always remove your Color Dip manicure properly in order to maintain healthy strong nails.

For more application tips be sure to watch our Color Dip step by step application tutorial here. Or find everything you need in the full Color Dip range.