Your cuticles play a vital role in nail care and are essentially a barrier to offer protection to your nails, therefore cuticle care should always be part of your manicure regime. So we’re here to offer you some advice from our RCM professionals and our favourite Cuticle products to provide you the best cuticle care!

  • First and foremost, do not pick your cuticles! Pulling at the skin and tearing it can easily cause infection as your cuticles are there to protect your nails.
  • Too late? Try our Cuticle Balm as it offers professional salon strength to help instantly nourish and condition ragged cuticles and help to support regrowth.
  • Apply cuticle oil as often as you apply hand cream, ideally after washing your hands. Water and even some hand washes can be harsh on the skin and cuticles and dry them out. The Revitalize – Nourishing Cuticle Oil rehydrates the cuticle and the skin surrounding the nail, to encourage healthy strong nails and is perfect as an essential daily treatment.
  • For dry, cracking or torn cuticles try our Hyper Hydrator, as it is super hydrating with a cherry scent.
  • Before starting your manicure, be sure to push the cuticles back gently using a cuticle tool and avoid scratching the nail plate. Pushing the cuticles back can also help the nails to grow more easily.
  • Using a product such as Cute-Icles Friend , this gel formula cuticle softener will help you create the perfect manicure by enhancing the look of your cuticles.
  • Try a liquid cuticle guard, such as the Over Polish Guard, for clean colour application and to help achieve professional polish application without years of practice!


Find your perfect cuticle cure in our RCM Treatment range.