As we move from the warm summer season into the colder fall months, our nails and skin require different products and treatments to help keep them healthy and hydrated. So, we have put together some of our top tips and recommended products to help you take care of your nails at home…

If you were lucky enough to have spent lots of time on a sandy beach this summer the you may have noticed your cuticles have become rough and dried out. We recommend applying a cuticle oil daily to help nourish the cuticle, products such as our Hyper Hydrator or Revitalize will soften and moisturise the cuticle, to help restore damaged skin.

Good nail hygiene is an essential part of taking care of your nails. Before beginning your manicure, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water, brushing underneath the nails to prevent bacteria growing. This will soften the nails in preparation for trimming and filing. Nail health should be prioritised over nail length, as this will in time improve natural nail growth and the overall look of your at home manicure.

Using a gel polish from our Fortify and Protect Range, infused with Vitamin A & Biotin will offer your increased strength and protection from breakages within the nail, that other LED Gel polishes do not offer! With 34 new core shades and all New Collections being realised in the formula you’re certain to find the perfect colour for your next Rd Carpet manicure! Shop now.

Always remove your gel manicure properly! Taking the time to properly remove your manicure keeps your nails healthy and strong. Improper removal can damage the nail plate, creating cracks and ridges and weakening the nail overall. Watch our Removal Tutorial for a step by step guide.