Ready to remove your Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish? Try our Removal Kit to remove your professional three step gel polish system manicure, without damaging your nails. The kit contains: Foil Wraps x 20 Erase Gel Nail Polish Remover (59ml) Buffing Block Orange Wood Sticks x 2

If you’re applying another colour straight away, follow with your prep routine, if not, follow with your chosen cuticle oil to rehydrate and nourish nails. We recommend the Hyper Hydrator.

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  1. Buff the top coat away to remove the shine from your Gel Polish Manicure.
  2. Use our Removal Wraps, and soak in our Erase, apply to the nail and leave for 10-12 minutes, the longer you leave it, the easier it will soak away.
  3. When removing your Removal Wrap, gently wiggle side to side as you pull off the wrap, this will loosen any product
  4. Gently buff away any remaining product, if the product cannot be gently buffed away then re-soak for another 2-3 minutes. We recommend doing one nail at a time so that the product does not set again as you buff the previous nail.
  5. Always remove properly, taking time to properly remove your manicure keeps your nails healthy and strong. Applying a daily cuticle oil also helps keep nails in good condition.


What our removal step by step tutorial here.