Cuticles are important, they protect your nails from infection and take in nourishment to feed your nails. Here are our top product recommendations for caring for your cuticles

Cute-Icles Friend is a cuticle softener, from our Treatments Collection. It’s designed to make pushing back hardened cuticles easier, leaving your nail plate, perfectly prepped for a flawless mani. Use between polish changes, or once every 1-2 weeks depending on your cuticles condition.

Hyper Hydrator is a high intensity cuticle moisturiser, perfect for those with dry, cracking or torn cuticles. The cocktail of antioxidants in the ingredients restores cuticles, leaving them hydrated and cared for. Apply twice daily for optimum results.

Revitalize is part of the Red Carpet Manicure essentials, Revitalize nourishes the cuticle and surrounding skin to encourage healthy nails, apply after every Red Carpet Manicure colour change, or after removal if you’re not reapplying.  

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