Summer is just around the corner and we’re here to give you some advice on your nail-ssentials this holiday season!

Did you know? Your nails grow much faster in the summer time due to their increased exposure to sunlight, our first must have essential is the RCM Shaper 180/180 File. This product is the perfect for keeping your natural nails in shape.

Don’t just protect your skin this summer, protect your cuticles too! Your cuticles act as a protective barrier to your nails therefore it is essential that you take care of them. Holidays can often cause a lot of stress to your hands so don’t let carrying your bags through the airport cause stress to your cuticles too! Keep a pot of the RCM Cuticle Balm in your luggage to instantly nourish and condition those cuticles and restore your holiday manicure to ensure it stays all holiday long!

With increased exposure to sun, sea and sand why not keep your nails hydrated with the Fortify & Protect Summer 2019 Collection. The new range is infused with Vitamin A and Biotin, famously know for restoring brittle nails and preventing breakages, offering extra protection to your gel manicure this season.

With the new Fortify and Protect Core colours launching this summer, why choose just one for your vacay? With the RCM Portable LED Light, you’re able to change up your manicure on the go! It’s lightweight and slim size means it’s perfect to slip into your suitcase. The light is battery operated and quickly activates Red Carpet Manicure gel polishes, the perfect summer holiday nail-ssential!


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