The perfect manicure starts with the tools you use.

Have you got all the files you need? Find out what each of our files does below.

The Groom 100 /180 Buffer

Use the Red Carpet Manicure Groom Buffer to break the layer of gel polish to begin the process of removing your Red Carpet Manicure gel polish or use to remove any ridges on the natural nail to prepare for your new at home professional manicure.

The Shaper 180 /180 File

Use the Red Carpet Manicure Shaper File to gently and quickly shape the front tip and edge of the natural nail to prepare for your next at home professional gel manicure.

The Refine 240 /260 Buffer

Use the Red Carpet Manicure Refine Buffer to refine the natural nails and avoid splitting the nail, preparing the nail for your next at home professional gel manicure.


Our Accessories Kit

The Accessories Kit has all the nail supplies you need to perfect your at home professional Red Carpet Manicure. Contains a cuticle pusher, buffer tabs, emery board and orangewood sticks.


Don’t forget to finish every manicure with Revitalise. We also recommend applying this cuticle oil twice a day for healthy, nourished cuticles.

Revitalize is the ultimate Red Carpet Manicure staple. This cuticle oil rehydrates the cuticle and the skin surrounding the nail, to encourage healthy strong nails. An essential daily treatment.


Want to Elevate your manicure with nail art? Why not try our Nail Art Brush Kit. Made with the highest quality material, durable enough to use daily. Specially designed for the most precise details. Brush handles are easy to hold and lightweight for the most comfort during use. Compact for easy travel. Kit includes: Application Brush, Clean Up Brush, Striper Brush, Detail Brush, Dotting & Marbling Tool.