Summer is rolling around and the invitations for days out and BBQs keep coming in, it’s time to get your nails summer ready with the Red Carpet Manicure Treatments!

Concerned with Strength?

We can all be guilty of forgetting to take care of our nails, but don’t worry Red Carpet Manicure have a few treatments to restore your nails back to health. The R&R Protein Therapy Treatment is recommended if you’re experiencing breaking or brittle nails. This exclusive protein enriched formulation with 20% actives counteracts the drying effects of frequent polish changes by hydrating and stabilising the nail, allowing for natural nail growth.

Looking for a Multitasker?

We’ve developed the ultimate base coat to go under your favourite lacquer shades and which meets the strict demands of red carpet glamour! This antioxidant rich lacquer base coat is the answer to your nail woes. The 8-in-1 Base Coat instantly adheres to the natural nail giving any polish the perfect base. Argan and Baobab oils absorbs into nails to maintain their wonderfully smooth feel. The 8 Benefits: Base Coat, Strengthens, Restores, Hardens, Protects, Smooths, Conditions and Increases Wear.

Cuticle trouble?

Cuticles can make or break a manicure, if your cuticles are dehydrated we recommend the Hyper Hydrator, a moisturising cuticle oil. Our extensive blend of oils and natural ingredients create an antioxidant cocktail that hydrates and cares for damaged cuticles. Are your cuticles overgrown and need some maintenance? Try Cute-Icles’s Friend, which is a maximum strength cuticle softener for superior effectiveness and results. Allowing you to gently push back cuticles to reveal a clean nail plate perfect for your colour application.

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