As the colder months draw in, make sure your Red Carpet Manicure is supported by strong, healthy nails with our guide to our must have nail care steps!

Cuticle Balm

This professional, salon strength cuticle balm instantly nourishes and conditions rough, ragged cuticles. This exclusive combination of nutrients, botanicals and vitamins allow for naturally smooth and healthy cuticles that will help your Red Carpet Manicure last longer!

Red Carpet Manicure Nail Care


Revitalize is the ultimate Red Carpet Manicure staple. This cuticle oil rehydrates the cuticle and the surrounding skin to encourage healthy, strong nails. We recommend using this as an essential daily treatment. 

Red Carpet Manicure Nail Care

Gel Polish Removal

One step that’s really important in ensuring nails are kept healthy is following the right process to remove your Red Carpet Manicure gel polish. Take a look at the video below to make sure your nailing the removal process for stronger, smoother nails.

Video Link

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