10 Reasons To Keep Doing Your Nails At-Home 

We all know lockdown has opened up our eyes to a world of new at-home beauty possibilties. Here are 10 reasons we think you should keep doing your nails at home.


  1. No Appointment Needed - We’re all over queuing, with Red Carpet Manicure there no appointment needed and no need to queue!
  2. The Worlds First - Red Carpet Manicure was the worlds first at-home gel manicure kit, launching in America first, then in the UK in 2011.
  3. Save Money, Look Flawless - A full mani costs as a little as £1.60, meaning if you refreshed your manicure every 2 weeks, you would be spending up to £45 per year on your manicures VS an average of £25 per in-salon treatment, saving you £600 per year!
  4. A Shade For Everyone - Not only are our shades budget friendly, there is also a shade to suit everyone!
  5. LED vs UV - Red Carpet Manicure is an LED Gel system which is safer and faster than UV gel systems.
  6. Gentle Ingredients - Red Carpet Manicure products bond to the natural keratin of the nail which will strengthen weak and brittle nails during wear.
  7. We Are Full Service - We don’t just offer you amazing shades and kits, but we also offer natural nail treatments for when you don’t want to wear your gels!
  8. Always Innovating - We are always introducing new shades and product ranges so you’ll never be short of a new shade or new formula to try!
  9. Long Lasting - Red Carpet Manicure gel polishes last up to 2 weeks without chipping, peeling or lifting.
  10. Excellent Education - Want to learn more? We’ve got IGTV videos to help you improve your prep, application and removal skills.


What has been your favourite at-home beauty discovery this year?