When painting our nails we often tend to focus jut on our hands, especially when it comes to a treatment such as gels. Did you know that all of our gel polishes can be used on your toes too?

Our feet go through so much, walking the earth’s circumference 4 times in our lifetime! So why not look after them and treat your toes to an at home gel pedicure using Red Carpet.

With summer coming to an end, we’re saying goodbye to flip flops and hello to boots, that’s why using a gel polish on your toes is so essential this fall. Our long lasting formula allows your toes to be ready for any occasion with the hassle of having to constantly repaint them. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your toes are chip free and red carpet ready at any given moment.  A gel pedicure means your colour won’t go dull despite the pressures of your winter ready shoes!

Don’t be down about summer coming to an end, truly treat yourself to a home mani and pedi this fall!

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