As we move through the seasons, just as our skin requires different products and treatments, so do our nails. Here are our recommendations to hydrate and care for your cuticles with our best-selling treatments.

Before you start your gel manicure, treat your cuticles with our Cute-Icles Friend Cuticle Softener.


The Cute-Icle’s Friend Cuticle Softener


Problem – Over grown, beat up cuticles.


Solution – The Cute-Icles’s Friend is a maximum strength cuticle softener for superior effectiveness and results. This is a professional product to be used as directed.


Applying your cuticle oil daily helps nurture and nourish nails, helping them to grow stronger and longer.


The Hyper-Hydrator Cuticle Moisturiser


Problem – Dry, cracking, torn cuticles


Solution – Our exclusive blend of oils and natural ingredients create an antioxidant cocktail that super hydrates and cares for damaged cuticles.