Self-care is important during these uncertain times and to help you we have a range of treatments and essentials. Each of our products can easily be incorporatedinto your at-home routine.

Here are a selection of our nail treatments to ensure your nails are looking their best!

Top six essentials for your at-home manicures:

1.    Must Haves Kit

Are you doing your nails whilst at home? Remember to stock up on your essentials to make sure you dont run out. Our Must Have Essentials Kit has all the professional nail supplies that you need to complete your at-home Red Carpet Manicure three step gel manicure

2.    Accessories Kit

Keeping your nails healthy and in good condition whilst at home is important. Our Accessories Kit has all the nail supplies you need to perfectly shape and prep before applying your favourite shade!

3.    Revitalize Cuticle Oil

We recommend that you apply cuticle oil as often as you apply hand cream, ideally after washing your hands. Water and even some hand washes can be harsh on the skin and cuticles which can cause them dry them out. The Revitalize Nourishing Cuticle Oil rehydrates the cuticle and the skin surrounding the nail, to encourage healthy strong nails and is perfect as an essential daily treatment.

4.    Hyper Hydrator Treatment

Cuticles are currently the trending nail problem, our Hyper Hydrator is a hydrating cuticle moisturiser with a cherry scent. The extensive blend of oils and natural ingredients creates an antioxidant cocktail that hydrates and cares for damaged cuticles that are dry, cracking or torn.

5.    Cuticles Friend Treatment

Create the perfect manicure by enhancing the look of your cuticles with this gel formula cuticle softener. Have you got overgrown cuticles, our Cute-Icless Friend treatment is a maximum strength cuticle softener for superior effectiveness and results.

6.    R&R Protein Therapy Treatment

Struggling with brittle or breaking nails? Treat your natural nails to a nail strengthening treatment. This exclusive protein enriched formulation with 20% actives counteracts the drying effects of frequent polish changes by hydrating and stabilising the nail, allowing for natural nail growth. This treatment is for use under nail polish only and cannot be used with gel polish.

The current trending at-home situation: CUTICLES!

Are your cuticles overgrown? Cuticles are an area of the nail where you need to take extra care. We recommend not cutting or picking them, as this can cause infections as your cuticles are there to protect your nails. Before starting your manicure, be sure to push the cuticles back gently using a cuticle tool and avoid scratching the nail plate. Pushing the cuticles back can also help the nails to grow more easily.

Nail health should be prioritised over nail length, as healthy nails lead to longer nails! Healthy nails can extend the life of your manicure, and will improve the overall look of your manicure. We recommend applying a cuticle oil daily to help nourish the cuticle, products such as our Hyper Hydrator or Revitalize will soften and moisturise the cuticle, to help restore damaged skin.

The RCM Team are here to help and support you, if you have any questions about your nails, please direct message us on our socials!