October is coming to an end which means winter is fast approaching. To achieve a flawless, long lasting manicure, it is important to look after your nails in winter.

As the season changes, the weather changes and so do our nails, which means they may require different products and treatments.

Here are our Top 5 recommended products as we head into winter: 

1. Revitalize Cuticle Oil 

Cuticles can become dry during winter. Revitalize Cuticle Oil rehydrates the cuticle and the skin surrounding the nail, to encourage healthy and strong nail growth.

Apply Revitalize after every manicure for extra shine and as an essential daily treatment for the colder season.



2. Hyper Hydrator Cuticle Moisturiser

Red carpet ready nails depend on camera ready cuticles. Hyper Hydrator Cuticle Moisturiser is a super hydrating moisturiser for your cuticles, with an added cherry scent.

Dry, cracking or torn cuticles is a common problem when the colder weather approaches, which can lead to more serious damage. Our extensive blend of oils and natural ingredients create an antioxidant cocktail that hydrates and cares for damaged cuticles.


3. Shaper 180/180 File

Consider short nails this winter! Short, natural and round nails are all trending for winter 2019.

Our shaper file will gently and quickly shape the front tip and edge of the natural nail. This will give you the perfect shape nails for a flawless winter manicure. 



4. Cute-Icle’s Friend Treatment 

Cut-Icles Friend is a maximum strength cuticle softener with superior effectiveness and results. This gel formula is the perfect treatment to soften and enhance the look of your cuticles.

Due to the cold weather conditions, your nails may be pushed aside during the winter months as a manicure may not be on your agenda. This can result in overgrown cuticles which is not a good look!



5. Fortify and Protect Range

Having a naked manicure during the winter weeks does not have to be an option with RCM.

Overwhelmed with the colour choice? Our Fortify & Protect range has all the perfect shades for the upcoming months. Winter is the perfect season to embrace those perfect holiday shades.

From dark blues to reds, shield your nails with your favourite winter shade.


Making sure your nails are kept hydrated and moistuirsed throughout the winter is essential. Red Carpet Manicure offer a whole range of products perfect for those colder months!

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