The brand new Colour Dip from Red Carpet Manicure has just upgraded your at home mani!

The Nail Colour Dipping Powder system gives up to 21 days wear.  Create intense, vibrant colours with perfect even application, no matter your skill level. Get perfect runway nails every time!

  • Non-Irritation Formula
  • Gentle on the Nail
  • No LED or UV Light Needed
  • Easy To Use
Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip
Update your at home manicure with the Colour Dip Starter kits and 21 flawless coloured powders to choose from. 
Red Carpet Manicure Colour Dip

Tips and Tricks:

1. Apply thin layer of base coat to nail (thick application can cause lumps).

2. Dip prepped nail directly into color jar at an 45° angle.

3. Do not twist, swirl, stir nail while dipping, this can cause lumps.

4. When applying a dark or neon color, use Color Dip’s Sheer Base Powder as the 1st step of dipping.

5. If you have any bare spots in color or want to make color more intense, apply third coat.

6. If excess base or top coat gets on skin/cuticle, quickly remove it with an orange wood stick before dipping into powder.

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