You may have seen dip manicures all over Instagram recently but not seen them in your local salon?

Taking colour to the next level, Color Dip is Red Carpet Manicure’s latest at-home manicure system! Create intense, vibrant manicures with perfect even application. This odorless formula is sure to give you perfect runway nails every time!

It’s easy, simply prep the nails, dip them into the powder and then file for a flawless finish. This type of manicure doesn’t require UV or LED cure, it simply dries to a hardened, glossy finish.

All you need to achieve the perfect dip nail manicure is a Base Coat, your chosen Color Dip Powder, an Activator and a Top Coat and you will get a glossy mani that lasts up to 3 weeks! Did you know our Color Dip starter kit contains all the above AND a free shade!

Prep, Dip & Activate!

Color Dip is a non-irritation formula, which is gentle on the nail and easy to use. The newest way to get a perfect manicure!

Over the last 18 months, we have seen a lot of magazine inspiration from our Color Dip system and everyone is loving it! Our system has come out tops in recent reviews, blogs, top 14 beauty products and the perfect manicure guide.


Did you know, our Color Dip system was 2017 winner at Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards!

Color Dip is the next biggest thing, so why not start your dip manicure journey with RCM!


Top Tips!

  • To avoid products drying out make sure all lids are replaced and firmly tightened
  • When finished, be sure to wipe brushes clean to avoid lumps solidifying into the bristles
  • Timing is everything! The quicker you dip the better the application of powder
  • To increase colour intensity, apply a third coat
  • If using a dark or neon colour a sheer or white base powder should be used
  • In order to maintain healthy nails always remove your Color Dip manicure properly, this will help with the strength and growth of your natural nails
  • Put the finger in at a 45-degree angle to gain the perfect application
  • Use a light brush to remove excess powder around the nail bed
  • If you have weak nails, apply a thin coat of clear gel polish to add to the strength

Color Dip requires more understanding of removal, as the process to remove the dip powder can take a little longer than a gel manicure. To remove correctly and effectively, make sure you soak your nails for around 10 minutes and then buffer the nails will a little more pressure to remove the hardened powder.