Red Carpet Manicure Color By Me Step By Step

The Color By Me Color Dip kit will give you freedom to mix powder shades to create one that is perfectly suited to you. Name your new shades whatever you like and become a colour mixing master, this kit allows you to personalise your manicure.

Each kit contains:

  • 4 Empty Mixing Jars
  • 3 Mixing Spatulas
  • 9ml Silver Screen Color Dip Powder
  • 9ml White Flag Color Dip Powder
  • 9ml Butter Me Up Color Dip Powder
  • 9ml Blue Moon Color Dip Powder
  • 9ml Red Tape Color Dip Powder
  • 9ml Black Belt Color Dip Powder

There is no limit to your creativity - you can mix as many powders together as you’d like!

How to apply:

Step 1 - Pour/scoop powders into an empty jar - thoroughly stir to ensure even blending. Once desired powder shade is achieved write down blend on label

Step 2 – Prep the nail and brush on Base Coat

Step 3 – Dip nail into your customised Color Dip powder shade, brush on base coat, and dip again

Step 4 – Brush on Activator to bond the colour

Step 5 – Finish with High Shine Top Coat

Tips & Tricks

  • Apply thin layer of base coat to nail (thick application can
  • cause lumps).
  • Dip prepped nail directly into colour jar at a 45° angle.
  • Do not twist, swirl, stir nail while dipping, this can cause lumps.
  • When applying a dark or neon colour, use Color Dip’s Sheer Base 
  • If you have any bare spots in colour or want to make colour more intense, apply third coat.
  • If excess base or top coat gets on skin/cuticle, quickly remove it with an orange wood stick before dipping into powder.

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