Red Carpet Manicure’s newest collection The Power of the Gem, a set of 12 birthstone Inspired gel polishes infused with real gems for the ultimate zodiac range of colours that makes each polish special for all. From January to December we have a gel polish for each birth month resembling your personal birthstone and zodiac sign.

February, the birth month of the Amethyst stone.

A gem inspired gel polish of a dark purple glitter!

Is February your birthday month? Well we have something special just for you!

Embrace your birth jewel with a specific shade of Red Carpet Manicure to celebrate your birth month and keep your nails dazzling at the same time from the Power of the Gem Collection.

To purchase your gem of the month! Choose any RCM gel polish of your choice and get Amethyst for 50% off! This will automatically be deducted at the checkout and you can enjoy your Red Carpet Manicure birthstone polish!