Whatever nail type you are, everyone deserves to embrace a good summer manicure. We’ve put together a few tips on embracing shorter nails and how you can make the most of them this season.

Always Keep Them Manicured

Red Carpet Manicure Short Nails

Regularly pushing your cuticles back, filing your nails to your preferred shape and keeping your cuticles nice and healthy will ensure your nails appear neat at all times and will ensure your Red Carpet Manicure applies smoothly. To prep your nails properly, try our Accessories Kit!

Go Bright And Bold

Red Carpet Manicure Short Nails

Having shorter nails means you can make the most of bolder, brighter colours. A cobalt blue like Drop Dead Gorgeous or My Main Beach for a neon colour pop.

Get Creative

Red Carpet Manicure Short Nails

Nail art is perfect for shorter nails as it makes your design stand out. Save some time with our range of Nail Appliques and Nail Jewels, or opt for an ombre effect using our glitter polishes.

Pick The Right Nail Shape

Red Carpet Manicure Short Nails

Picking the right nail shape can help to elongate your fingers, making your nails appear longer. A squoval shape can help with this, but to find your perfect nail shape, take a look at our guide here.

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