Important Update!

You said you were having issues with your Color Dip Top and Base Coat and we have listened…

Introducing our new & improved Color Dip Top and Base Coat bottle! The new bottle has several important changes after evaluating and taking into consideration your difficulties.

The changes include:

  • An updated, new cap and orifice reducer system for the Color Dip Base and Top 
  • The new orifice reducer in the bottle neck that will ensure that the plastic of the brush stem does not come into contact with the glass, this will remove the risk of the brush stem “sticking” to the glass.
  • The brush has been re-engineered so that the stem is slightly thinner and will also not come into contact with the glass at any point

The changes have now been implemented and will ensure you to complete a flawless dip manicure every time.

Color Dip is a unique manicure process, creating intense and strong manicures. Color Dip will change the way you apply colour to your nails!

New Color Dip Essential bottles are available to order now!

Our Favourite Dip Shades For This Season:

  • Bold & Bare
  • Red Carpet Glow
  • Blockbuster Blue
  • Dream Girl Gold
  • Act The Part