With the warmer months approaching, it’s our favourite time of year to start experimenting with nail art and bright colours. But to make your Red Carpet Manicure really stand out and last even longer, it all starts with the health of your nails.

Keep Nails Hydrated

Red Carpet Manicure Healthy Nails

Whatever the weather, it is important to keep our nails hydrated to avoid brittle and weak nails. Nails are made up of layers of keratin, just like your hair, and these layers can separate when exposed to water, air and chemicals. Applying our Revitalize Cuticle Oil at least once a day will help protect your natural nails from any damage incurred by gel polish.

Keep It Short

Red Carpet Manicure Healthy Nails

Of course all the celebrities love to rock a long manicure, but for every day wear it can be impractical and harmful to our natural nails. Keep your natural nails filed short when using gel to avoid any painful breaks.

Never, Ever Peel

Red Carpet Manicure Healthy Nails

Although it is massively tempting to peel off your gel manicure, it’s the worst thing you can do to your natural nails as it pulls at the layers of the nail bed, making them thinner, weaker and more brittle. Our Remove Kit comes with everything you need to follow and safe and easy removal process, or you can watch our Removal Guide here to make sure you are following the correct procedure for strong, healthy nails.


Red Carpet Manicure Healthy Nails

Regardless of whether you think your nails are in good condition or not, you should be using a daily moisturiser for your hands to keep your nails and the skin around them healthy and strong. Our Youth Crème instantly delivers hydration to even the driest of hands, nails and cuticles, with a non-greasy finish.

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