There is something satisfying about a beautifully polished manicure… And this isn’t as difficult to achieve as you may think! Getting that perfect at-home manicure can be super easy, it just takes good products, a clear method and a little practice!

To *nail* that Insta-worthy manicure, use these top tips:

1.       Prepare

To achieve a salon-quality manicure, it is important to spend as much time prepping as you do painting! Using our Prep MAX ADHESION SANITISER, remove any oils or dirt that could damage the application of your polish. This essential first step will ensure long-lasting results.

 2.       Care

Trim your nails to a suitable length, this will prevent the nail breaking and help avoiding chipping. Then gently file and buff the nails using a nail buffer to create a smooth surface for polish application.

 3.       Exfoliate and Moisturise

Exfoliate and moisturise the hands, wrists, forearms to remove dead skin and maintain your hands youthful glow. Caring for your cuticles is also essential; we recommend applying our Revitalize NOURISHING CUTICLE OIL at least twice a day to maintain your manicure and moisturise the nail bed. Remember to swipe each nail with sanitiser to get remove any excess oils.

 4.       Painting

Once you have applied and cured our Structure BASE COAT GEL, it is gel polish time. First remove any excess polish from the brush and then place a small amount of polish in the centre of the nail and brush from the cuticle towards the top of the nail, leaving a small margin between cuticle and the polish. Then apply a thin line along the top of the nail, this will prevent the polish from lifting if you bump the nail.

 5.       Refine

Once you have applied and cured our Brilliance SEAL AND SHINE TOP COAT GEL, do not forget to cleanse the nail to remove any tacky residue.