Want to get even longer wear from your Red Carpet Manicure or perfect your application techniques? We’ve listed our top hacks so you can get the most out of your Red Carpet Manicure!

Prep & Cleanse

Red Carpet Manicure Tips And Tricks

The key to a long lasting, smooth applying Red Carpet Manicure is all in the prep. Cleansing the nail with a lint free wipe and our Purify Cleanser will ensure your gel polish adheres to the nail instead of any dirt, which will make your manicure lift. Also remember to apply Prep to dehydrate the nail for better adhesion to the natural nail.

All About The Base

Red Carpet Manicure Tips And Tricks

The key to applying our Structure Base Coat is thin, dry application. You want a minimal amount of product on the brush. Try brushing the base coat gel back against the nail to really work it into the nail to help with adhesion of your colour.

Shake Your Gel Polish

Red Carpet Manicure Tips And Tricks

Picking a colour you haven’t used in a while? Due to the gel polish formula, make sure you give it a good shake before you use so the colour is as rich and pigmented as possible. If you are experiencing a watery application, this could be why.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Red Carpet Manicure Tips And Tricks

With more sheer colours, it’s tempting to load the product on like a regular nail polish to enrich the colour. With any colour, make sure you are applying your chosen shade in thin layers. This will help your colour adhere to the base coat and also stop the colour shrinking when being cured. If you need to build up the colour, simply keep applying your chosen colour in thin layers, curing after each.

Make Your Colour Pop

Red Carpet Manicure Tips And Tricks

If you’re opting for a bright colour for your next Red Carpet Manicure, try applying a thin coat of our White Hot gel polish before. A white base will help enrich your chosen shade, make it even brighter!


Red Carpet Manicure Tips And Tricks

The key to maintaining your new Red Carpet Manicure is healthy natural nails. No matter what the time of year, keep one of our Revitalize Cuticle Oil’s in your handbag, by your bed or on your desk so you are applying this daily. If you’re nails are healthy and strong, your Red Carpet Manicure will last longer!

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