A gel manicure at home? Nails cured in 30 seconds? Our LED Lamps are the answer!


We all understand that LED lamps ‘dry’ our gel polish, but the question is how?

The science behind the LED lamps is extremely clever and it all comes down to a primary chemical reaction, known as photoreaction. The process needs light to initiate the reaction process.

Gel nail polish is cured with ultraviolet wavelengths sourced from the LED lamps. The LED hits the molecules in the gel called compounds that absorb light and convert it into energy. When the light bonds with the molecules, it activates them making the gel cure into a hard-plastic form and remain in place. The more bulbs a lamp has, the more UV intensity the lamp will emit. These long-lasting bulbs produce light of a particular frequency which is used to activate photoreactions in gel polish.

Did you know it takes 30-45 seconds for Red Carpet Manicures gel to set under the Pro LED Lamp lamp! With a button-operated timer feature. Amazing!

The LED lights in the lamps are more efficient at turning energy into light. Therefore, less of the energy radiates from the bulb as heat. Not only do LED lamps have tiny lights, they also have a reflective surface, whereby the light bounces off creating light beams within the lamp.

LED lamps are great for gel lovers, especially at the convenience of your own home. The lamps have many great advantages and are perfect for a quick and easy manicure or pedicure.

Benefits of RCM LED Lamps:

  • Nails are cured and dried within 30-45 seconds
  • Long lasting bulb life
  • LED lamps consume less energy and electricity
  • Light weight
  • Eco-friendly

Red Carpet Manicures LED light system is eco-friendly. The lamp is known as a ‘cool’ light, as there is very minimal heat output. The use of the LED light means it will last far longer than a UV light, due to the eco-friendly LED’s, resulting in a safer application for your nails. Overall, the use of LED compared to UV light gives it an environmentally friendly advantage.

Less energy, less heat = eco-friendly!

Did you know gel polish continues to cure for 24 hours. This is continued from natural light exposure and the UV rays. Your manicure is still dry and locked within our Base & Top coat systems so there’s no risk to your mani!

Red Carpet Manicure offer three different types of LED lamps. The Portable and Pro LED light both have a 6-watt light and the Salon Pro 5-30 led light has an 18 watt for maximum curing.

Red Carpet Manicure's Professional LED Lights are the must-have staple to get started with your at home gel polish manicures. Whether you choose our Portable, Professional or Pro 5-30 LED Light, each lamp activates Red Carpet Manicure's gel polishes, base coat and top coat within seconds for high shine and long-lasting results.

Top Tip: We recommend that our LED Lamps are only used with our gel polishes because the lamps are suited for the Red Carpet Manicure brands. Especially the top coat and base coats, as they have been designed to be used specifically with our formulations.

Light up the night with Red Carpet Manicure's latest LED lamp, faster and safer than UV it’s the lamp every girl needs!

Shop the range: https://www.redcarpetmanicure.co.uk/shop/essentials/rcm-led-lights.html