Red Carpet Manicure Taking Care Of Your Cuticles

Cuticles need TLC, they can make or break a beautiful manicure. Here are our top tips for caring for your cuticles.

Cuticle Oil

A cuticle oil rehydrates and nourishes the skin surrounding your manicure. Applying daily can keep cuticles smooth and supple minimalizing the risk of splitting. We have a dedicated Revitalize Nourishing Cuticle Oil as part of the Red Carpet Manicure essentials, and starter kit. Or if you prefer a balm, why not try the Cuticle Balm by Red Carpet Manicure?

RCM Top Tip – Apply a cuticle oil twice a day to rejuvenate tired hands.

Tips for trimming cuticles

Cuticles can make or break a manicure but they have a purpose. Cuticles are there to protect our finger tips, but do need pushing back occasionally. Red Carpet Manicure advices using a cuticle, or orange stick to gently push them back and don’t forget to nourish the skin with a cuticle oil or balm!

Treat them well!

Well treated cuticles promote healthy nail growth, so if you’re looking to grow your nails start with the cuticles and work your way from there.