The Newest Manicure Innovation, Color Dip

Dip powder manicures are currently growing in popularity. Dip manicures are currently the new big trend for the nail industry, the demand is really picking up and it’s time for you to nail the latest at-home innovation.

Let’s all be part of the innovation with Color Dip!

Dip powder manicures are similar to gel manicures; however, no LED light is required. The powder is made to last for weeks, giving you a long-lasting manicure! That’s what we all want right?

Color Dip is the newest in at-home nail technology, providing you with vivid colour, easy application, next to no dry time, keeping your manicure chip free and flawless for up to 21 days.

The innovation of nails is changing, and we are so excited for the future of RCM Color Dip. With 35 Color Dip shades, the possibilities are endless, from bold colours to glitters, dip manicures still give you just as much offering as gel with capability to mix your own shades!

Did you know, searches on Pinterest for dip powder nails were up 442% in 2018.

The facts:

  • Non-Irritation Formula
  • Gentle on the Nail
  • No LED or UV Light Needed
  • Easy To Use

Before you dip into this trend, check out the latest RCM dip manicures on Instagram.



Ready to be part of the innovation of dip powder in 2019? We’ve got a whole range for you. Get started with the Color Dip Starter Kit and discover your favourite shade!